Hello and welcome! I offer holistic movement sessions based on the Nia Technique (Nia®) teachings, and my many years of training in dance, yoga, conscious dance and more recently KiVo (Kinetic Voice). Go to my current schedule here.

My classes are physical and vocal but they can be attuned to your desired intensity at any time. We laugh, sweat, slow down, and connect to ourselves and each other in a fun, relaxed way, while being led by our own enjoyment and comfort. Welcome to the Alchemy of Dance! Read my story here.

Dancing NIA is joyful, powerful, graceful and above all fun! A form of movement that helps you reconnect with the power and wisdom of your body. Katia is a wonderful teacher, energetic, passionate, creative and intuitive.


Each class offers a specific approach to the “Natural Body’s Way” movement, employing different levels of intensity. Read more about my classes here.

If you are looking to :

  • bring more mindfulness to your existing exercise regime
  • explore your body movement patterns
  • let go and express yourself
  • bring joy into your day and life
  • sweat (oh yes!!)
  • reconnect with your inner child
  • laugh and dance like nobody is watching
  • improve your balance and stability
  • strengthen your feet muscles in a gentle, yet powerful way
  • bring more oxygen into your joints by moving in an non-impact way
  • learn to use the floor as a way to exercise anytime anywhere

then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Alchemy of Dance! 


Contact me at niafungeneva@gmail.com to register for my next class or event!

4 thoughts on “Home

    1. Добрый день, Татьяна! Мы танцуем раз в неделю в ecole Migros (rue du Prince, 3) по вторникам в 7.20. Я рекомендую подписаться на блог, т.к. я устраиваю специальные вечера, не пропустите! Вы уже танцевали Нию?


  1. I can thoroughly recommend everyone to go try Nia dance: regardless of your age, size or experience in any sports or dance, Nia class will let you explore your body and make you want to try out moves you might not be doing otherwise but that your body will thank you for afterwards!

    Nia dance truly lifts your mind and your body on another level and leaves you curious to discover more about yourself!!

    What’s more, Katia is a wonderful teacher who is very attentive to each person’s individuality and guides the classes with a warm understanding and energizing enthusiasm!

    Looking forward to my next class!!


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