We are meeting again for the Nia Happy Hour!

The last Nia Happy Hour was only two weeks ago, but I miss it already! So we are meeting again on November 6 at 7 pm at Kak.Alom Studio. I am so excited about this particular class, because Nia Happy Hour is a unique blend of Classic Nia and guided free dance that will help you to reconnect with your body. Here are the reasons as to why you should connect with your body:

1. It makes you feel alive.
When you feel more sensation (body awareness), you feel more alive. You notice the little aches and pains of the body, but this also translates into feeling loads of intense joy.

2. It is the first step to self-healing.
The body is the first thing to get knocked out of balance in your whole health. Whether it’s your relationships, your work or life purpose, how you express yourself creatively, your environment, your spirituality, it is manifested in your body. And so If you’re not aware of the sensations of your body, you can’t self-correct and begin the process of healing yourself.

3. It helps you make conscious choices. When you feel undecided, get in your body. The body will tell you what to do. When you drawn to get that Christmas cookie in the middle of the night, stop, get in your body, ask your body why. If you still want that cookie, at least you’ve made a conscious choice.

4. It keeps you more grounded. You won’t feel chaotic, spinny, buzzy, or floaty the way you might when you’re in your head.

And finally, connecting to the body brings much joy, pleasure and childlike qualities such as innocence, element of surprise, humor to name a few.

See you in the class!

Dancing through life,

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