The little secret behind my preparation for the Nia Dance + Smoothie event (Food for thought).

somaticsThe little secret behind my preparation for the Nia Dance + Smoothie event.

The present-day circumstances in my life are such that sometimes I need to find time for my workouts whenever I can without leaving the house. For example, last week I had no time to physically train for our Nia Dance + Smoothie event and I felt as though this time off was expressing itself in my body as a sensation of ‘restraint’ (as opposed to ‘expansion’) and with this came the little pains and general discomfort.

I had always thought that if I didn’t go to the gym or to yoga class I was wasting time and effort working out at home. I needed to get out, walk to the studio or gym in order to set up the right mood for a workout. My body is conditioned to recognize the discipline and regularity that comes with structured and punctual workouts as being the main factors to success whether my goal was to drop or maintain weight. But I don’t live in a perfect world, and with obligations like everyone else that frequently replace my usual training time, I thought that maybe connecting to my body in a more subtle way would somehow help to maintain my form. I also felt that this would complement my other physical activities, making them more holistic.

So in preparation for leading a vigorous Nia class I did the following: through out the week I simply performed 15 minutes of stretching at home at a VERY slow pace. I let my body guide me from one exercise to another, and this is what made the whole difference. I realized that slowing down actually opens up space to listen to the body’s wisdom. With this new awareness I was able to connect to my body and especially to the parts of my body that needed healing. My upper back and my left ankle had been bothering me, but they felt much better after the gentle exercises. After just 15 minutes of exercise, I felt expansion, ease and lightness in my body as well.

So this is the little secret behind my preparation for the Nia Dance and Smoothie event. By making small adjustments in our workout routines, especially those that encourage ‘listening to our bodies’, we step onto the self-awareness path that is essential for those who want to live holistically.

Dancing through life,


2 thoughts on “The little secret behind my preparation for the Nia Dance + Smoothie event (Food for thought).

  1. Thank you Katia for a great advice! We all need to slow down sometimes and to listen to our body! And the energy at your Nia & Smoothie event was very communicative!


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