Nia Playshop “Form and Freedom”

We are almost full for the ‘Form and Freedom’ Playshop, there are only 2 places left. Want to join us in and experience the creative tension for yourself?

Vibrant Life - Dance & Yoga


Hello and welcome!

I am excited to invite you to a new Nia Playshop – a collaboration between three certified Nia teachers Nathalie, Tess and myself on March 1.
You will be able to see how different Nia moves are done by different teachers while dancing yet YOUR OWN way. The program will start at 11 am and will go on until 12.30. Let’s break a sweat, laugh, enjoy the movement as medicine.

WHEN: March 1, 2015
WHERE: Rue de Montbrillant, 14

Signing up is required.

We hope to dance with you soon!

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2 thoughts on “Nia Playshop “Form and Freedom”

  1. Ты меня записала? 😉 мне-кажется, что здесь я не фиксировала запись…. Может Варю уговорю…


    1. Дорогая моя! Я тебя записала. Приходите вместе с Варей, познакомитесь с остальными учителями в Женеве. Целую и до воскресенья!


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