I can count my blessings…

Get in your body, be you – Nia

I can count my blessings to have been able to work with a group of knowledgeable, professional, kind and, utterly awesome people within the last 6 months. As the year rolls on, I decided to look back at some of the resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of 2015. The goals included finding my unique voice, particularly for communicating my ideas and developing Nia Dance as a business, and also to experiment with a variety of Nia teaching styles and training methods. I feel like much has been accomplished and I would like to mention the special people and their businesses, who directly or indirectly helped me in achieving my goals.

1. Hiba Samawi Giacoletto – Health coach and psychologist at Healthwise.ch

Hiba and I partnered for a few events that combined movement and food exercises in order to attain the new level of ‘being in the body’ sensation. Highly professional, resourceful and sophisticated, but also humble and friendly, Hiba taught me a great deal about food and food ingredients, including spices. While I follow a large number of blogs and own countless cook books, I have to admit that it is really convenient to have someone show you new techniques, trends, give you personalized advice and shares easy-to-follow recipes.

2. Debra Moffitt – award-winning author, teacher at debramoffit.com

I met Debra on numerous occasions, including Nia dance classes and as a co-lead in a workshop for the ETC group. I also read one of Debra’s books ‘The Garden of Bliss’. The book reveals her personal story and gently guides the reader to experiment with dreams, visualizations and meditations. Debra’s unique ability to guide, combined with her candid humor moved me to follow her workshops on writing. Theses workshops ultimately helped me to sort out my thoughts and ditch the fear of opening-up while pursuing my dream of sharing Nia. With the help of these workshops, I dared to experiment with different teaching styles that lead me to who I now am as a Nia teacher.

3. Anine Eklund – ETC co-founder, blogger at aninergy.com

Anine is the organizer behind the wonderful ETC group where I had a chance to present Nia Dance twice in January 2015. Anine possesses unparalleled ability to connect people while bringing forward the best of their talents. She is also an extremely insightful, knowledgeable, honest and straightforward person. If you are a business woman and want your business to be exposed to a larger circle, come to meet her and other like-minded people.

4. Brigitte Lawler – Life Coach at lifecoaching.eu.com

This year I did what I never thought I would do: I got myself a life coach. I was looking forward to our Skype sessions with enthusiasm and anticipation. Brigitte’s style is fun and encouraging and she knows exactly what questions to ask. She leads you to a space where aha moments are laying there waiting to be ‘discovered’. These sessions taught me patience and encouraged me once again to experiment with different Nia teaching styles.

5. Nesrin Everett – Coach, Consultant and Thought Partner at nesrineverett.com

I met Nesrin at one of Hiba Giacoletto events and immediately recognized her as a person who thrives on living holistically. I had one coaching session with her on the topic of communication and was blown away by her insights and professionalism. She is coaching oil professionals and business executives and comes highly recommended. She is extremely clear in her communication and at the same time very thoughtful in her presentation style, a rare quality.

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