Nia Dance at the upcoming Geneva Yoga and Music Fest

I am excited to invite you for my 90 minute Nia class focusing on the ‘Joy of Movement’. The aim of this class is to bring joy into the body as you move in your own unique way.
Nia at GYMF 2015

How does it work?

I will demonstrate the fundamental Nia movements while allowing you to ‘tweak’ or adjust the moves in your own way so that you fully enjoy the dance in your body rather than unconsciously imitating the teacher. You will be able to create your own dance by applying the existing choreography along with your own unique personality.

This class is for beginners and seasoned Nia dancers alike.

In this class you will be exposed to:

  • Nia stances, including explanation (benefits) and mindful exploration (movement)
  • Nia Dance choreography
  • Semi-guided Free Dance
  • Eclectic selection of music including world music, new wave, electro, rock, disco
  • Good vibes and laughs

What will you experience after the class?

Along with the sensation of a great work out, you will feel both energized and balanced, all at the same time. You may also experience sensations of freedom, expansion, elation and child like curiosity. These sensations are there for you to take with you outside the class in order to continue your unique dance throughout your day.

Tickets are available at the Yoga Fest website.

Happy dancing!

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