The French community is thrilled to announce a Nia French Jam fundraiser on June 6th at 17:00 (CET) to raise funds for French Nia student Marie to dance into a new life.

Marie planned to step in her White Belt Nia Journey in July of 2019.

While driving to a Nia class in June 2019, Marie lost the control of her vehicle and had a serious accident leaving her now quadriplegic.

This fundraiser will help her purchase a wheel chair that will give her greater freedom and autonomy in her body. Marie shared what this new chair will mean for her body and her life: 

“The chair: that’s where I spend all my days. It’s a part of my body and allows me to move… 

This new chair… will allow me to be in a vertical position so I can have the feeling and benefits of standing – It’s essential for my body and my mind – When I find myself standing, I think, ‘I’m ready to walk’.

No matter how much you can give, I thank you with all my heart: it will help me live my new life! Life goes on, full of hope , joy and love. Every dance step you take will touch my heart.”

This Nia JAM will be taught in both French and English with beautiful French songs. To register and receive the link, please, send an email to: niafungeneva@gmail.com

Dancing For Marie Nia Jam
Dancing for Marie International Nia Jam

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