Nia and Yoga with Katia
About Nia and yoga with Katia

Like many things in life discovering Nia Dance did not happen to me by accident.

But while I have been involved in the ‘movement’ of dance all my life, I had never imagined the degree to which mind-body balance can be achieved through a movement practice such as Nia®.

I started my dance journey at the age of eight when my mom enrolled me in after-school ballet classes. At the time, dance was a way for me to express my feelings and emotions. As an adult, I continued to explore an array of movement disciplines, and then I found Nia®, in 2009, which offered me much more than just dance and movement practice. Nia®  has allowed me to re-connect with myself, bringing together physical movement and somatic teaching. Much like yoga and meditation, the core movements of Nia have helped me to achieve the body-mind connection and to maintain a healthy life balance, an essential ingredient to happiness and well-being. Since 2011, I have been passionately sharing Nia and its teachings with my family, friends and my class participants.

My classes are physical and vocal but they can be attuned to your desired intensity at any time. We laugh, sweat, reflect, and connect to ourselves and each other, in a fun, relaxed way, while being led by our own enjoyment and comfort. Welcome to the Alchemy of Dance!

I look forward to dancing with you soon!

Stay in touch and  hear about the latest Nia news and events by following my blog!

Have questions or suggestions? Write to me!

Tel: 41 79 3142821

Email: niafungeneva@gmail.com

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