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Like many things in life Nia Dance did not happen to me by accident.

But while I was into ‘movement’ all my life, I never imagined that I would one day become a teacher.

In 2009, I took a one-off Nia class and then kind of forgot about it. But in 2011, something drove me to find out how to become a Nia teacher. Three months down the road I was in a Nia training program working towards my first Nia Technique level and becoming a Nia White Belt Teacher.

I believe that when I was exposed to Nia for the first time, I didn’t quite understand the concept; I was too wrapped up in choreography, form, performing, and copying my other teachers. But during the training it became clear to me that Nia was more than a free-flowing movement discipline, it is a whole life style, with its joy, artfulness, challenges and lessons. I had to lose my schooled moves and embrace my body’s natural way of moving. Since then, my life has been changing on so many levels, and in turn, I have been busy reinventing myself as a woman, mother, teacher, student, and friend.

Today I am passionate about sharing and teaching Nia to other women. A Nia class provides a safe and discreet setting for practicing joyful movement and allowing self-expression and self-affirmation to emerge. Also there is no competition, and the workout is rather feminine, although it is for both women and men. This is not to say that Nia is a passport to laziness, but rather an invitation to listen to your body’s voice.

I look forward to dancing with you soon!

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Have questions or suggestions? Write to me!

Tel: 41 79 3142821
Email: niafungeneva@gmail.com

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