Welcome back to your body!

Mildred and I have partnered up under the umbrella ‘Colibri Movement Club’ to promote movement based classes in Geneva area. Trained in the Nia Technique (Nia) and having practiced other movement forms, we are passionate about bringing movement into your everyday life. We lead Nia sessions and also organize movement related events in the Geneva area, as we encourage you to keep moving.

Our bodies are designed to move: climb, run, walk, swim, jump, and even crawl. We are not meant to sit in a chair all day long. In our Nia sessions, we use body-centered moves that will condition you from your toes to your finger tips. We use different planes as well as the floor, providing more exposure to functional movement, not just exercise, in a way that works the whole body and improves flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability.

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Happy dancing!