‘Thanks to you I rediscovered the joy of Nia – thank you thank you thank you for sharing your joy and passion in this way. You are a wonderful role model.’ – Maria Giovanna

Voilà 1 ans que je fais du Nia Avec Katia et cela m’apporte sérénité, détente, joie, défoulement et énergie positive! Katia est une prof lumineuse et profonde, par la danse elle nous emmène dans un monde positif tout en douceur! En plus pas besoin d’être une super douée de la danse pour participer alors venez avec Nous ! – Mildred

‘Nia dance truly lifts your mind and your body on another level and leaves you curious to discover more about yourself!!What’s more, Katia is a wonderful teacher who is very attentive to each person’s individuality and guides the classes with a warm understanding and energizing enthusiasm!Looking forward to my next class!’ – Kira

‘Katia, ce message pour te remercier pour l’énergie et la passion que tu transmets et que tu partages lors de tes cours de Nia. C’est un bonheur de suivre tes cours, d’explorer à travers le corps les multiples facettes des nos êtres, à travers la danse, la joie, le jeu, l’énergie, la douceur et la bonne humeur. A bientôt pour danser avec le sourire!’ – Laure

‘This is great fun! For anyone who wants a serious work out that’s also serious fun, Nia is the way to go. And Katia does a great job at putting you at ease and into the flow for a fun session. Way to go Katia!’ – Debra

‘Dancing Nia with Katia is one of the highlights of my week. She blends a wide range of movements – sensual, powerful, slow or even goofy – sometimes structured, sometimes more free dance. In her classes, I feel like a woman, I feel sensual, I feel powerful, I feel free and wild…and most of all I feel connected to myself and my body. Dancing Nia with Katia feels like coming home to myself and the atmosphere she creates in her classes make this process fun and inclusive of every body there. Thank you Katia for bringing dance back into my life and for making it so fun and accessible!’ – Hiba

‘I tried for the first time a dance form called NIA. It was such a lovely flowy and free dancing style and at the same time with very powerful moves. The dance helped to still my mind.’ – Anine

‘Katia’s NIA dance class is like no other dance class I have ever been to… And I love to dance! I find the NIA class so liberating, as Katia makes it lots of fun with the ease of movement that feels natural to the body. It’s like an all-in-one dance workout encompassing the best of yoga, stretching, sexy latino moves and even martial arts! Each movement has a symbolic meaning to the body making you feel feminine, strong and connected after each class. Katia is an excellent teacher, guiding us through the movements and explaining key dance traits so you never feel lost. My mum also joins me in the classes as it is for all ages with no judgment and you really can dance like no-one is watching.’ – Candice

‘Many thanks to Katia who has inspired me with her NIA dance. I feel like a bird with Katia and NIA.’ – Kim

‘I am calm and wild at the same time, I am authentic. When I dance NIA, I live in the very present moment, it so enjoyable.’ – Zuzana

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