I am excited to offer Nia classes on ZOOM! We meet on Monday nights at 19:00, cost CHF 20.-

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Monday evening Nia gathering

– Invites everyone (no previous experience in dance required) – supports your cardio vascular system – enhances joint mobility – improves muscle strength – tapping into the wisdom of our bodies and innate sensation of joy.

CHF 20.00

I am also currently offering classes at noon. Please contact me for Thursdays Dance Break or Fridays Kundalini yoga at and I will send you the link to connect. As usual these classes are donation based.

Classes – Nia and yoga with Katia

Each class offers a specific approach to the “Natural Body’s Way” movement, employing different levels of intensity. Are you interested in joining me for one of my classes? Have a look at these short descriptions that highlight the different training routines that I am offering.

  • Classic Nia Class

Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your being – body, mind and soul.

  • Nia MoveIT Class

Move IT is a revolutionary approach to whole body fitness, integrating the best of exercise science, modern interval training and somatic movement through Nia’s sensory-based approach to fitness. The 60-minute class promises to bring conditioning to every body part and muscle group.

  • Nia FloorPlay Class

Nia FloorPlay “Art of Play” is a unique program that stimulates functional movement and self-healing by working with Nia principles and “The Body’s Way” philosophy. The practice uses space, time and gravity guided by the element of play to creatively condition the body. 

  • Nia FreeDance Class

Nia FreeDance class and practice focuses on stimulating people’s uniqueness, creativity, and self-expression using movement form and freedom. Through dance and somatic guidance, students learn how to intentionally craft multi-dimensional creativity. That is, body-emotion-mind-spirit.

  • Kivo (Kinetic Voice)

Kinetic Voice is a program that can liberate the wise voice within you, and help you unlock your true expressive potential. It blends vocals, rhythm and motion and harnesses the power of the voice and body to transform, heal and purify. 

  • Private movement sessions

Request private movement session tailored for you…

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