Ode à la joie !

Mini Retraite en soirée à la campagne pour se faire du bien en s’amusant avec Katia et Sylvie le 13 septembre de 18h30 à 22h00.

☀️Événement sur inscription uniquement, merci d’envoyer un email à pour vous inscrire☀️

– se reconnecter à son corps et à son intuition
– reconnaître et accueillir ses émotions difficiles pour s’en libérer
– équilibrer ses énergies
– trouver la joie en soi pour s’en servir dans la vie quotidienne
– passer en douceur à l’Automne
– poser des intentions pour la fin de l’année

-Ouverture du cercle et méditation d’accueil
-Exercices de mouvement et vocalisation basés sur les techniques Nia et Kivo (Kinetic voice)
-Yoga du rire
-Relaxation profonde pour ancrer la joie et poser des intentions pour le dernier trimestre de l’année
-Apéro dinatoire végétarien (et sans alcool!): discussions conscientes basées sur des jeux pour créer des liens facilement

☀️Prix :
Early birds 77 CHF pour toute inscription payée jusqu’au 1er septembre
97 CHF sur place
Attention places limitées

☀️Pour vous inscrire:

☀️Où: Veigy Foncenex (France, juste après la douane)
L’adresse exacte sera donnée sur inscription
Accès: TPG: le bus A depuis Rive- Arrêt Gy Temple + 10 min de marche à la campagne
Voiture: Parking gratuit à disposition
Vélos bienvenus 🙂

Nia en plein air debut juillet

Je suis heureuse de vous inviter me joindre à practiquer le Nia en plein air – 45 minutes de cours de Nia avec l’accent sur les arts martiaux!

Nia au ralenti, pieds nus sur l’herbe ou sur votre tapis de yoga.

La classe comprendra les 7 cycles de la classe Nia et inclura les mouvements et les katas pour améliorer notre flexibilité, agilité, mobilité, force et stabilité.

Tout comme les artistes martiaux s’entraînent au ralenti, nous apprendrons les katas Nia à un rythme plus lent, tout en favorisant un aspect de méditation et de joie intérieure avec la pratique.

La classe comprendra les 7 cycles de la classe Nia et inclura les mouvements et les katas pour améliorer notre flexibilité, agilité, mobilité, force et stabilité.

Que faut-il apporter ?
Tapis et eau à boire, tapis de yoga si désiré

Que vous soyez un praticien Nia confirmé ou un débutant, vous trouverez cette pratique équilibrante et revitalisante.

Petits groupes (5-6 personnes maximum). Veuillez vous inscrire à l’avance.

8 et 9 juillet à 18h00

Lieu : Parc de Bastions

J’ai hâte de pratiquer Nia avec vous en plein air !

Les cours sont gratuits, les dons sont acceptés.


Nia with Helen Terry

Join me and other Nia teachers of Geneva and Lausanne areas for dancing with Helen!

Helen is an internationally known Nia Faculty trainer, teacher and choreographer.

Spend time around Helen and you will learn something, receive inspiration, and garner support for your dreams and desires (not to mention be highly entertained by her loving sense of humor and English-Texan accent, which many mistake for Australian). ‘ I am passionate about moving people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I bring people together and inspire them, at my studio, the Ranch and around the world. That turns me on.’

Helen was my Brown Belt trainer last July. Sunday, November 11 from 3 to 4 pm, Helen will give ONE class in Geneva. I welcome Helen with excitement for our community to be able to taste Nia with Helen.

Happy Dancing!

RIDE Event in Geneva

Worldwide Nia event: during the month of March all Nia communities will be dancing a new routine called “RIDE”.

Come dance the routine RIDE with Katia! RIDE connects our hands to our heart (and emotions), and demonstrate how our hands are also connected to our body’s functional, integrative conditioning.

The intend of RIDE is to use hands to touch and connect with space, thereby helping us to move safely and efficiently while functionally conditioning the whole body by integrating the upper body with the lower body. In using our hands as sensory communicators, we are encouraged to sense and open the front, sides and back of the body, and to functionally engage our “shoulder blades,” the bony wings resting over the back of the ribcage that are specifically designed to slide and glide.

Join Katia on 26 March from 18:30 to 19:45 at the Paquis studio – rue Jean-Charles Amat 6.  Spots are limited, please sign up early, email at to book your spot.

Happy dancing!


End of year message

Dear dancers, supporters and enthusiasts!

This has been an amazing year for all of us, with our many dances, our new friendships, and all the special events celebrating our uniqueness and the Nia practice.


As you can imagine, there are a number of tools and approaches available to Nia teachers that help us to ‘move’ people in our training routines. One of the tools that I have been developing in my Nia work this past year is VOICE. Vocalizing in this sense means clearing the stagnant energy in the throat chakra, more precisely, the practice of verbalizing, expressing and even singing,  a technique which in fact turns out to be a lot of fun. Since April, I have been learning a new method of movement + vocalization called Kinetic Voice (KiVo), and I expect to be certified to teach KiVo classes as soon as February. As many of you may remember, the founder and director of KiVo, Lis Addison, led an introductory workshop event in March, with much success.


Speaking of events, I wanted to mention how exciting it was to welcome in October my teacher and trainer Ann Christiansen for her first ever big Nia event in Geneva. Ann’s appearance has helped to open up new visions for Nia development in our region and I am looking forward to more events like that in 2018.

Please read on about what will be happening in 2018.

Save the dates and let’s dance!


My Tuesday Nia classes are on at Ecole-Club Migros. Join us starting from January 8 at 7.20 pm. There will be two Nia workshops at Ecole-Club Migros, please sign up directly at the reception.



Colibri Movement Club

I have partnered up with Mildred under the umbrella of Colibri Movement Club, please check out our website! We are opening a brand new class on Monday nights at Space Quartier Paquis – rue Jean-Charles Amat 6, 1202, where both of us will be teaching together. I hope to see many of you there!

Love, always,



Registration is open for Tuesday class!

Join me on Tuesdays at Ecole-Club Migros!

Follow the link to sign up

Join me and other motivated dancers for some really awesome exercise called Nia!

If you are new to Nia, here is what you need to know:

Nia is a fitness movement program that addresses body-mind and emotion.

Nia combines three types of dance, three types of martial arts and three types of healing arts including yoga

Nia will make you sweat, laugh and let go

Nia is danced barefoot, bring your comfortable clothes and water bottle






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