Training at 32 weeks of my pregnancy – Nia routine “Beyond” by Ann Christiansen (Anniann)

Nia is for Every Body. I was dancing Nia once a week throughout my pregnancy until my 33th week. It helped me enormously to feel and look good at times when my energy levels were low. I adapted every Nia routine to my own Body way. Since I was very big, I did not jump or kick. I avoided the martial arts all together except for soft aikido turns and the slow dance of Tai chi. Instead I squatted and lounged, duck and squish walked. Dancing brought back the sensation of pleasure to my pregnant body and I used to free dance anytime I got a chance.

My Nia classes can be adapted for Every Body, join me on Saturdays at 11.15. Studio “I Love Exercise” is open during summer months. Let’s move!

With love and gratitude,